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The colour of swordfish flesh can vary depending on their diet. Fish caught in Atlantic Canada tend to be rosier. Swordfish is a large fish that cuts well into steaks. Its meaty, sturdy flesh is optimal for grilling as a steak, and is also excellent on skewers.

In the Atlantic Ocean, they range from Newfoundland and Labrador in the west and from Norway to South Africa in the east. They make extensive migrations as the seasons change and appear in Canadian waters from spring to fall, mostly in the areas around the Grand Banks and the Scotian Shelf.

Canada has a strong swordfish management regime to ensure sustainability. It includes sophisticated vessel monitoring systems, aerial surveillance, dockside monitoring and at-sea observers.

Swordfish is in season in Atlantic Canada from April to December.

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Products Product Code Availability
Whole Loins (bone out) Size: variable depending on catch, Case size 10lbs and up
Chunks (bone out) Size: variable depending on catch, case size 10lbs and up
Chops (collar/bone out) Size: 10-16 oz, Case size 10 lbs & up